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Lonley Bouquet
Golcar Lily Day 2015
Harrogate Autumn Show 2016

We meet every second wednesday of every month except January at
St. Bartholomew's Church Hall, Green road, Meltham start time 7.15p.m.

Mrs Dawn.T. Meakin
MOB: 07778 061546

Mrs G.Taylor


Anyone interested in joining us at Flower Show events during next year be sure to see Anne our events secretarty to secure a place and avoid dissappointment. 
Blackpool in November.
Sorry Blackpool is totally sold out.  Look out for future events




Putting Down The Roots
 The Pennine Borders Flower Club was launched in November 2006 with a demonstration by television presenter and florist Carl Wilde.  A long standing flower club in Meltham had unfortunately closed several years previously and it was decided to hold the new club on the same evening and in the same venue at Meltham Parish Hall, in order to attract members from the surrounding villages. Sheila Rodgers consulted with Joan O’Brien, Gwynneth Taylor, Maureen Pearson and two previous Chairmen of the old club, Dorothy Firth and Joan Garlick in order to found the new club The concept was to bring together both new and experienced flower arrangers to share their love of flowers and to learn from one another. NAFAS demonstrators, Teachers and Speakers would be invited to share their skills and ideas to stimulate the members. In the first year we quickly recruited 65 members and the membership has continued at this level ever since. Once we were established financially, we were affiliated to the North East Area of NAFAS and some of our members attend Area events as well as Council meetings. We enjoy bi-monthly workshops alternating with demonstrations and, whenever possible, we offer trips to Area or National events. Coffee mornings and charitable events help us to raise money for the club and good causes, and we have been involved in several flower festivals, so we hope that we contribute very much to the local community and the North East Area.
Written by Sheila Rodgers

Competition Winner at Harrogate Spring Show 2017
Many Congratulations to Sheila for gaining to two ' Very highly commended' prizes at
Harrogate Spring Show 2017 One for "Crate Expectation" and one for "Round the Twist".  Unfortunately there are no photographs available at time of printing, hopefully some will come forward soon.


Friday 5th May 2017 is
National Flower Arranging Day/

The Lonely Bouquet

Following on from the phenomenal success of the Lonely Bouquet campaign, NAFAS members left posies of friendship the length and breadth of the country on National Flower Arranging Day, Friday 5 May 2017.The ‘Lonely Bouquet’ is a kind of goodwill gesture that involves leaving a bouquet in a public place to be picked up by an unsuspecting passerby. The motivation behind this anonymous act of kindness is simply to bring a smile to someone’s face There's no better way to say it than with flowers.  Flowers evoke joy and happiness,  a gift card as below  should have been attached or you could contacted our chairman for one  by sending an email to penninebordersflowerclub@gmail.com   I know it's a big ask but if you did take a photograph could you please send it to dawnsfloralheart@btinternet.com for the website that would be great too, also on the website page there are many inspirational bouquets from this and previous years so check this out - just click on the link. Thank you to all those who took part.

Lonley Bouquet


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